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date. 2020

city. Madrid

size. 1.90m x 1.30m

Don't You Dare Define Me, That's So Limiting!

«I've sailed up the Nile; I've laughed my head off in a few DJ booths in Ibiza; I've gotten drunk in Koh Phangan; I've dived with a dozen sharks in Roatan; I've climbed the pyramids of Kalakmul; I've changed a flat tire in the middle of the night on my way to Africa Burn; I've stepped on the black sand of Reynisfjara beach and I've slept in the Sahara desert.  

I have a wonderful life.

I've never lost a second: I've set up hotels in Madrid and Lisbon, designed quite a few clubs and restaurants, appeared on the covers of a number of magazines. 

All those experiences were great!

And yet what really makes me shine is how much I enjoy the next project, the next trip.  I live by and for design and art. In a world where everyone wants a telescope I have a son who can see the smallest detail, as if he had a powerful microscope.  

It is the desire to enjoy, to seek solutions, to make the world a more useful and beautiful place that makes me shine.

Well, that and a good glass of pink champagne. Or two.»

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