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date. 2020

city. Madrid

size. 1.75m x 1.17m

Not your normal woman!

«When you have a strong personality you scare everyone. It's funny: I'm an actress first and foremost, and I know how to act, but I've never lost a second in pretending to be what I'm not.


I'm not one to hide.


I've been photographed by the best. I have acted with the greatest actors. I have sung in front of tens of thousands of people. I've been worshipped by men and women, but I was born alone, and I'll die alone, and that's OK.


Yes, I know I scare a lot of people, but they're not afraid of me: they're afraid of my determination to live by my own rules. Their bad.»

grace JONES
grace JONES phantera madrid
restaurante phantera grace JONES
grace JONES
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