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Star of the Seven Seas!

«Am I an adventurer? A filmmaker?

Deep down, it doesn't matter: the best stories are those in which you don't know how they end.

I have paid a high price for being alive. I saw a beast kill my best friend and I couldn't do anything about it.

I also saw my only son die.

I have faced pirates and accountants. My wife wanted to leave me.

As they say, the only easy day was yesterday.

Even so, I sailed the seas with the best crew in the world. I have enjoyed whisky and the wind in my face. I have hundreds of thousands of fans and I am free.

Truly free.»


Not your normal woman!

«When you have a strong personality you scare everyone. It's funny: I'm an actress first and foremost, and I know how to act, but I've never lost a second in pretending to be what I'm not.


I'm not one to hide.


I've been photographed by the best. I have acted with the greatest actors. I have sung in front of tens of thousands of people. I've been worshipped by men and women, but I was born alone, and I'll die alone, and that's OK.


Yes, I know I scare a lot of people, but they're not afraid of me: they're afraid of my determination to live by my own rules. Their bad.»


Unlearn, and Get Dirty!

«What makes me shine?


From childhood we internalize too many things that are not true. Good books are boring. Serious people don't get tattoos. The best thing about sitting at the table is the food.

No! The best thing about sitting at a table is company! If a book bores you, it doesn't matter if it's good, throw it out the window! And life is too short to treat your skin like those couches Grandma and Grandpa lined with plastic so they wouldn't get dirty.

I'm old enough to know that getting dirty is cool and that normal is overrated.

I'm an introvert and I adore people. I love X-Men and Tarkovsky; instant coffee and pig's feet; Metallica and silence. The less I take people seriously, the more I respect their mistakes.  As you can see, contradictions don't scare me.

It has taken me a few decades to accept that I possess a unique gift: I attract wonderful people. I don't try to change them. They also make me shine».


Don't You Dare Define Me, That's So Limiting!

«I've sailed up the Nile; I've laughed my head off in a few DJ booths in Ibiza; I've gotten drunk in Koh Phangan; I've dived with a dozen sharks in Roatan; I've climbed the pyramids of Kalakmul; I've changed a flat tire in the middle of the night on my way to Africa Burn; I've stepped on the black sand of Reynisfjara beach and I've slept in the Sahara desert.  

I have a wonderful life.

I've never lost a second: I've set up hotels in Madrid and Lisbon, designed quite a few clubs and restaurants, appeared on the covers of a number of magazines. 

All those experiences were great!

And yet what really makes me shine is how much I enjoy the next project, the next trip.  I live by and for design and art. In a world where everyone wants a telescope I have a son who can see the smallest detail, as if he had a powerful microscope.  

It is the desire to enjoy, to seek solutions, to make the world a more useful and beautiful place that makes me shine.

Well, that and a good glass of pink champagne. Or two.»

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